For most of us, our spring semester of college is coming to a close, which calls for one thing: celebration. What better way to celebrate than in a rad spring ensemble? This Fashionista utilizes pattern and color in her celebratory spring attire. Patterns are again coming full circle into a trend, like they usually do every spring. There is something about bold colors that enhances your mood. Pairing vibrant patterns with vibrant color will surely put you in a fabulous mindset to cheers to being a year older in college and being finished with those dreaded exams, while also looking spring ready.

This Fashionista enhances her attire using a patterned tank and vibrant green wedges. If you notice, though, she downplayed her denim, which when pairing a lot of color and patterns together is ideal to keep the eye focused on one or two pieces of the ensemble. It is also good to split the pattern and color up by a downplayed clothing item. For example, if you were wearing patterned pants you should wear a neutral blouse and shoe, but up play the accessories. This will give you a classic spring look, while not looking overdone.

While the pattern trend comes back around year after year, new patterns come on the scene each season. While shopping for patterns and bold colors seek colors that look exotic and unlike others you have seen before, like the green of this Fashionista’s wedges. Also, with patterns look for funky, unlike you have seen patterns that stand out in a crowd. With these easy shopping tips you’ll surely be the talk of the end of the year celebration.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Embrace patterns and bold color! Experiment with patterned clothing, accessories and shoes, while downplaying one area of your ensemble.”