January 12th, 2015 at 2:00am

Plaid is a classic look, one that never really seems to go out of style. It’s a gender- neutral style that can be worn all year long in all four seasons. When do you like to rock plaid?

Whether it’s layered on top of a T-shirt or tank top or peeking out from underneath a sweater, plaid shirts can make an appearance in all different ways. Fashionistas/os of all different styles (preppy, gothic, girly, boho and many more) can integrate plaid into their look. It’s all about what you pair the plaid with that creates your style.

Among all styles, plaid is often worn as an accessory hanging around the waist over jeans or jean shorts with a T-shirt or tank top. Of course, a big button-down plaid shirt can always serve as an extra layer on a colder day. Converse sneakers or boots are the perfect shoes to add to this outfit. They complete the All-American look that many think of when they think of plaid. Plaid is not only a pattern to be worn on top; plaid skirts and shorts are also trending.

Take a look at this Fashionista. She incorporates plaid into her outfit by tying a button- down plaid shirt around her waist over a pair of jeans with Converse sneakers. She pairs the jeans and plaid shirt with a graphic shirt and adds a tattoo choker necklace to give her look a bit of edge. What I love about her look is the way she combines the grunge look with plaid. The graphic shirt and jewelry gives this popular plaid look a personal touch. With all its versatility and variety, I don’t think plaid is going out of style any time soon, so why not jump on the plaid bandwagon?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Graphic T-shirts under plaid is always the way to go! Don’t be afraid to put a plaid flannel over something that doesn’t seem to match perfectly; it always works!”