April 13th, 2016 at 2:00am

What’s a better way to welcome the warm weather and Spring Break than with a shirt that is actually named the “party shirt?” Bring the party back from Punta Cana and into the classroom with the light pastels of this Vineyard Vines oxford. Brighten up your look without dressing down your style and pair it with any khaki shorts or pants.

Business casual button-downs are leaving the boardroom and becoming a staple of daily-wear. Save your T-shirt for the gym and dress to impress by making button-downs part of your everyday wardrobe, while at the same time rolling up the sleeves for a more casual, rugged look.

This Fashionisto keeps the details classic by showing off his traditional leather banded watch. Accessories for gentlemen are limited, so a personal timepiece is one of the best opportunities to showcase this Fashionisto’s individualism. Choose one that gives you the opportunity to reveal your style and taste when someone asks you the time, rather than reaching in your pocket for your iPhone.

Even with the overwhelming number of fashion and skater backpack styles available, this student keeps it old school with this understated yet effective North Face backpack (a wise investment for all four years on campus and beyond). Of course, this New England inspired outfit would not be complete without the peanut butter-colored Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes that have left the dock and made their way to campuses around America. Comfortably broken in from last season is the way to keep this outfit carefree and counteract the formality of the party shirt.

Keep your look collegiate and represent your school with this less-than-preppy trucker hat from Providence College. This hat insinuates that he may have been asked to leave the country club before—and what’s more attractive than a little danger?  The preppy look will not only get you noticed on campus but it will also get you invited to a classy Sunday brunch!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When I choose to wear a button-down to class, I wear more casual pieces to offset the formality of the shirt. This keeps me comfortable on a campus where classmates tend to show up for class straight from the gym.”