Whether they’re floral, striped, grid or even plaid, patterned pieces are undoubtedly a major trend for spring 2015. Printed sets have been spotted on street style starlets everywhere, and I’m certain that the ’60s mod style dressing is here to stay—at least for awhile. Prints inherently embody a sense of playful confidence, making such ensembles the perfect fit for your spring fever state of mind.

This Fashionista went bold and chose to mix three different prints—and she absolutely nailed it. A black and white striped sweater serves as the base print of the ensemble. Layered underneath the knit, this Fashionista chose to incorporate her second pattern with a sheer button-down, which peeks out at the collar as well as the bottom of the sweater. This piece maintains the monochromatic theme of the black and white sweater with a houndstooth-inspired print. It’s important to note that the structure of these pieces also plays a major role in how these patterns are able to successfully complement one another. The boxier knit placed against a slightly sheer and gauzy flowing button-down creates the perfect juxtaposition for the two mixed patterns.

The Fashionista went on to anchor the look with a pair of jet black leggings with just a touch of faux leather detailing. A denim jacket adds a pop of contrast to the monochromatic ensemble, and the outfit is completed with a black round-brimmed hat. A few stacked bracelets and a slightly chunky silver necklace add an element of necessary glamour. The third and final pattern comes into play at shoe-level. Another black and white abstract pattern is incorporated into this Fashionista’s footwear, serving as a final flare to the entire look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Mixing multiple patterns and colors at the same time can sometimes be too much. Here I mixed three patterns, which might seem crazy, but when they’re all in the same color family; they work together instead of fighting one another! When pairing prints, make sure to take your color palette into consideration.”