This is a trend that comes and goes. It has not been around for a while but it is back. The overalls are back! Some may find this trend to be hard to pull off. I know that when many people hear “overalls,” they automatically think of a farm. Well, news flash: they can be worn anywhere at any time.

Overalls can be worn to class, the mall, dinner and out on the weekend. There are certain aspects of the outfit that should be changed depending on the occasion. If you are going to class, wear the overalls with a long sleeve shirt, T-shirt or tank top of any pattern or design. Now, if you are going out on the weekend, you need to make the overalls look fun and flirty. In order to do this, you could wear a crop top underneath the overalls, along with a pair of heels, if you’re feeling ambitious. Crop tops and heels make any outfit a “going out outfit.” One article of clothing that I suggest should not be worn with overalls is a plaid shirt or a flannel. The only plaid shirt that would be acceptable is a crop top that is in a plaid pattern.

This Fashionista is rocking her overalls! She was just coming from class, so she went with the long sleeve shirt in order to stay covered up. Her cheetah-print shirt pulls the entire outfit together. The boots and jewelry show that this girl is not going to any farm; instead, she is making a fashion statement on campus.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. When I saw that overalls were coming back, I got super excited. Fashion is a lot of fun and no one should be worried about what others are going to think about your outfit; just play around with the latest trends! You will make them work, I promise.”