The sun is shining, and Vassar students have begun to embrace spring fashion in all its glory. Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of festival-inspired looks being worn across campus. While everyone goes about this trend in different ways, some of my favorite outfits revolve around overalls. To me, overalls are a spring and summer staple. I love how easy and versatile they can be. Looser, light, faded ones are perfect for a lazy weekend while fitted gray or black ones look fantastic for a day of shopping or classes.

I spotted this Fashionisto walking around on a beautiful spring day. I was immediately impressed by how well he put his outfit together. His overalls are the perfect base for his ensemble. The light color makes it easy to pair them with other pieces. Furthermore, the length is fun, and the cuffs on the bottom add a bit of polish.

He did a great job of centering his entire look around this simple pair of overalls. The longer cardigan pairs nicely with the shorter overalls and helps him to appear taller (although his shoes also do a great job of that.) I love how he threw on a simple striped T-shirt underneath. It doesn’t take away from the main piece, but it has just enough of a pattern to add a unique detail to the outfit as a whole.

Short overalls are great for spring because they are adaptable to a variety of styles. This Fashionisto makes them work for a summer festival look, but they can just as easily be incorporated into an edgier outfit as they can into a more polished one. Accessories are key to transforming a pair of overalls into a statement ensemble. This Fashionisto would not be nearly as eye-catching without his draped cardigan, his platform shoes or his flower crown. I like how each of these elements help to elevate the overalls beyond a simple piece of clothing into an entire outfit.

You don’t have to tell me twice that overalls are the way to go during these sunny days. I will personally be rocking quite a few different versions of this trend this summer, from long, fitted gray ones to loose and short light denim ones. Bring on the overall goodness!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be yourself. Be true to who you are, and let your clothes reflect that.”