September 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

As we count down the days to the official start of fall and prepare to strut that perfect “first day of fall” outfit, originality is oh so important! I know that keeping up with the latest fall fashion trends is extra exciting, especially at the peak of the season, but we can’t forget to spice up our look with a bit of personal style and originality.

This Fashionista seems to have gotten the fall memo. Outfits composed of neutral and earth tones are popular this fall and will definitely be the trend to watch as the season progresses.

With everyone taking such a high interest in the nude fashion movement, I found this Fashionista’s neutral outlook to be both trendy and original. Wearing taupe colored high-waisted pants and a brown ribbed turtleneck is just the start of this look. The colorful, yet tasteful sleeveless vintage vest takes this Fashionista’s outfit from simply trendy, to unique as well. Oh and we can’t forget those brown booties that are indeed every Fashionista’s/o’s fall essential!

The Fashionista’s personal style is clearly represented throughout this ensemble; she takes the emerging neutral and vest trends and combines the two in order to create this funky, fashionable outfit. The long-strapped purse and gold jewelry perfectly accent the look. Her glowing brown skin and slightly orange hair, although it is not essential, definitely adds to the neutral effect.

So my style advice is to keep it “you!” Have fun with all the totally trendy fall fashion, but don’t forget to bring your own personal style and originality into every look!