Masculine influence in women’s clothing is currently having a moment, and I am absolutely loving it. Any woman wearing a menswear-inspired outfit comes across as unique and androgynous but also as confident and powerful. Lace, ruffles and pastels: these elements combined will no doubt give you an adorable outfit but sometimes we need to champion the girls who can pull off a masculine look. Think of jeans and a button-down as a Fashionista’s power suit for class.

So how does one pull off this style? Let’s look to this Fashionista’s outfit for the answers. First tip, it is important to play with the fit of your garments. This Fashionista excels by keeping her button-down and windbreaker rather loose while sporting slimmer jeans. The inverse would also be flattering, for example a fitted top with boyfriend jeans. This balance of fit is important so that the entire look doesn’t come across as baggy or sloppy.

Next tip, try to incorporate menswear pieces. Currently, button-downs are not only for men but at the dawn of fashion they were exclusively menswear. In our Fashionista’s look this piece is the source of masculine influence. If plain button-downs aren’t your style, there are many that can be incorporated into your look, such as patterned, collarless and even sheer styles. These pieces could also be used again in your wardrobe layered under a sweater, cardigan or even tucked into a skirt for a feminine style. This shirt’s appeal isn’t simply limited to imitating boys.

The final tip is to keep your outfit in a neutral color scheme. This really helps your look come across as androgynous. This look is completed by a cross-body satchel bag and Vans which overall complements the menswear influence.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Fashion is moving towards a unisex look; don’t be afraid to leave the dresses and put on some pants.”