Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. Looking at street style blogs, peers, runway shows or magazines can make fashion seem like something only for the super confident and those with a natural style instinct. There are crazy designs, patterns and colors that are mesmerizing and seem to look great on those bloggers and models, but how do you rock it the same way? Every great outfit and fashion forward look starts with the basics. Basic pieces in neutral colors are the building blocks of a versatile wardrobe and the foundation for any look. Take this Fashionista, for example; she rocks all-neutral colors to show that you don’t need a crazy color or pattern to make an impression.

With her black jeans, white shirt, gray cardigan and brown boots, this stylish student combines every neutral color for the perfect combination. White and black are the ultimate neutrals for any look. By keeping her main garments in these colors, they contrast well and make for a chic look. The gray cardigan adds a cool tone to balance out the black jeans, while the brown boots add warmth. The neutrals in this Fashionista’s outfit use each other to stand out on their own. For a little something extra, she adds a gold watch, a small silver pendent necklace and rings. The silver and gold jewelry add cool and warm tones just like her basics to complete this neutral look, necessary for any closet.

To start building your own wardrobe, begin with basic pieces in neutral colors. Black jeans will be perfect for rushing to class or dressed up for a night with your girls. A white T-shirt is a no brainer. Thrown on with jeans or jazzed up with a statement necklace, this top will be your new fashion friend. A gray cardigan, like our Fashionista’s, will be perfect to balance out a bright tank or printed skirt this spring. Lastly, a brown pair of boots will pair perfectly with casual dresses and denim shorts alike. Because neutrals go with virtually everything, looking put together will take you no time at all.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can never go wrong with neutrals. They pair well with each other and are perfect to wear with pieces that seem to match nothing.”