Fall is a time of edgy fashion trends, warm clothing and finding the perfect combination of chic and weather appropriate. Every outfit needs that one aspect that takes it to the next level, a level that makes you feel more confident in your look. In the fall, the perfect item to amp up your look is a side-zip moto jacket. With this item in your closet your look will always be polished, but never boring..

This look automatically stopped me when I saw it. A nice combination of classy and still trendy, this Fashionista pairs a black side-zip moto jacket with a sweater dress. This trend has become much more popular within the past two years, seeing it on celebrities and in everyday street-style. These jackets are able to paired with a large variety of different styles, whether you’re going out with your girls or you’re vying for a more casual, everyday look like this particular Fashionista.

This Fashionista brings her outfit together, allowing the jacket to take center stage and be the focus of her look. The sweater dress, being a neutral color like tan, allows the jacket to take center focus and the color to pop against her dress. She brings the look together with black, leather riding boots with side buckles and leather material, elongating her legs and keeping with the edgy vibe of her outfit. Finally, in order to complete her outfit, she uses a brown and black Michael Kors’ purse, which is perfect for the season and still looks great.

Using a side-zip moto jacket can make your outfit seem very sleek, yet fashion forward. Appropriate at any time of the day, this is one item that will be in and out of your closet all season!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A side-zip moto jacket is the perfect addition to almost every outfit, they let you feel chic and still have fun with your look while still being weather-friendly.”