STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: More Than Monochrome

April 21st, 2016 at 2:10am

Winter has officially come to an end… kind of. For many Fashionistas/os, letting go of winter trends such as never-ending layers and monochrome outfits can be likened to seeing the credits roll on the series finale of The Office—saying goodbye to familiar friends and wondering what more could possibly lie ahead. Lucky for us Chicagoans, or anyone in the Midwest really, winter tends to overstay its welcome.

This Fashionisto took winter’s monochromatic trend and gave it a spring twist by adding some color. When we think monochrome, we tend to think in shades of black. However, this Fashionisto’s color of choice was purple, a color he says he has been really into lately. “The blue blazer and tie give the outfit a cool color scheme,” adds this Fashionisto. This Fashionisto believes in experimenting with color schemes as well as mixing and matching similar color schemes to see what works well together. This Fashionisto says that his style “serves as a reflection of [his] mood or attitude that given day.” This particular day happened to be a bit cloudy and gloomyblue, if you will. The deep blue added a cool touch to the warmer purple and also did its job of expressing this Fashionisto’s mood on this particular day.

What really pulls this look together for me is the checkered pattern of the dress shirt. Not only does this Fashionisto do a wonderful job of picking his colors, but he also knows how to balance his patterns as well. The playful pattern of the top beautifully contrasts the dark solids of the rest of the outfit. The black Timberland boots also add an interesting touch that give this clean-cut look some edginess.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style has changed a lot over the years to the point where it feels like an amalgamation of many different phases. I’ve been really into purple lately because I hadn’t really tried it before.”