Cooler weather is approaching faster and faster! Last week I was sweating walking to my classes, looking as if I just did a Cross-Fit workout, and now I find a need for a jacket in the mornings and evenings. Women’s military jackets are a huge fashion trend this fall (again), so maybe they are slowly turning into a wardrobe staple like the jean jacket?

Last fall, the green military jackets were very popular, and this year they are making their way out again. I am a huge fan of them, even though I do not own one ( I have not found the perfect one for me yet). I am very happy that they are sticking around for another season. You can style them in so many ways, so when I saw this Fashionista wearing hers, I knew it was meant to be!

This Fashionista is rocking an awesome fall neutral look. I am in love with this green military jacket! The gold buttons and zipper gives it a more feminine flare than some military jackets which tend to look a little more boyish. Little Brown Dress? I bet you have never thought of that before, but this girl is rocking this brown suede dress, with a little cream girly slip peeping from below. The gold buttons and zipper in the jacket are complimented by her gold necklace and bracelets. Pulling her whole look together are her super cute brown wedges. This outfit is a great transition between summer to fall, where you need a little bit of sleeve. When it gets a little cooler at night, swap the wedges for a pair of booties to keep the toes warm.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love the clothes I buy, and I love how I put it together. But sometimes I feel like I use different items of clothing in different ways that people normally wouldn’t. I feel like people might think like I’m weird but I wear it anyways, and I wear it with confidence and most of the time people end up really liking what I wear. Like the scruffily part at the bottom, I accidentally bought not knowing what it is and now I just add it to certain things that need a little more flavor.”