We have all experienced that first day of fall. When you wake up, the crisp fall air hits you and you smile knowing that it is finally pumpkin spice latte season. The wonderful time of year that means fall boots, warm sweaters and bundling up. This year the perfect way to stay warm is with the new fall trend of shawls.

Shawl-collared cardigans are a fresh take on the standard cardigan during the fall. This type of sweater is also known as a cape, blanket cover-up, or tunic. From long, short, to fringe or patterned, this style has a great degree of versatility. A shawl is perfect to wear on those cold fall mornings when you are walking to class and then for those warm fall afternoons when your grabbing dinner with friends. This Fashionista chose to wear it with a chic black dress and tights with matching black boots. The shawl is her statement piece and with the addition of subtle pieces of jewelry, her look is street-chic.

Everyone needs a black dress because you can wear it during any season. Dress it up for going out or dress it down to wear to class. Moreover, you can wear it in either the summer or winter—just add some accessories. Want some extra pizazz? Add a little jewelry and you can wear it to your formal or to your 11:00 p.m. lecture.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style comes from my home state of Maine but I also like to incorporate different pieces to reflect my changing style throughout the year.”