Leather is a girl’s best friend. Whether it’s a leather jacket, shorts, pants, purse, shoes, top or really anything thing else you can think of, leather is a classic go to look.

Leather can be used to make any outfit more edgy, but don’t worry if edgy isn’t your style. Leather can also be used for many other reasons. For those of you who like a more classic look, you can add leather booties or boots to any outfit for a more put together look. For example, these pants are the perfect mix of leather without too much edge; just a little bit of leather without going all out. There are panels throughout the pants, but there’s not too much, so you could either go minimalist with the leather, or in the case of this look, add a jacket and even boots.

This outfit can be worn on a girl’s night out or date night. Leather shoes can be worn all year, but in the summer time try to stick to lighter colors, like brown. In the winter, there’s nothing better than a warm leather jacket, but in the case of this outfit, it’s a perfect fall look because the jacket can be taken off in order to show off the tank top.

Don’t worry if you’re someone who shies away from wearing all black, the best part about black pants is that you can wear any color top, from the brightest neon to a simple white. This outfit is comfortable, yet exudes confidence and would like great on any Fashionista.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always make sure you’re comfortable in what you wear and find a style to match your body type. For this outfit you could also tuck in the black tank top.”