Happy Midterm Week! I’m sure most of us at this point have resorted to bringing out the leggings and crew-necks out of our closets. Being swamped with exams and papers,  it can be hard to find time to actually pull your fashion sense together. Georges St-Pierre once said “If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, than you do good.” So if I dress well for my next exam I’m going to get an A right? (Fingers crossed).

As I was walking around Iowa State’s beautiful campus, I ran into a Fashionista that has time to look fabulous even if she has a full day on campus.

So how does she stay fashionable throughout her long day? Layering her favorite colors and fabrics to create a effortless look. She starts by layering her burgundy tunic with her statement piece a universal olive green swing jacket. To stay comfy, she pairs black leggings with crew socks and combat boots. To accessorize, she goes for a delicate layered necklace. Bad hair day? No problem; throw on a cozy beanie to finish off your look.

This Fahionista is a Chemical Engineer major with Spanish as a minor. She usually starts her long day around 7:00 a.m and doesn’t leave the library until 9:00 p.m. She is a firm believer in the “look good, feel good” motto and says that she always wants to look put together to be taken seriously in her engineering community that is typically dominated by men. Her drive to dress for success is an inspiration to all the rest of us Fashionistas out there.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “With fall temperatures low in the morning and higher throughout the day, I rely on layering and always making sure I have a statement piece that pulls my look together. Don’t think that being fashionable means being uncomfortable all day!”