Happy fall, Fashionistas! The transition between summer and fall can be a little tricky—especially in New England. It is cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon, which creates a Fashionista nightmare: what do we wear?

I always make the mistake of rushing into fall too fast but let’s be real, who can resist sweaters and booties?

This Fashionista was rockin’ her boho, summer/fall outfit on a gorgeous day here in Rhode Island, and she even utilized layers for when the chilly ocean breeze blew by.

Let’s start from the top: her hair was propped up in a high pony which was perfect to show off the embroidery of her top. The top from Lucky Brand is colored a wild red and you can find a similar shirt on their website. Her peasant blouse is such a signature piece to show how bohemian style works for this season transition.

Her jeans are a light wash which is perfect for daytime look. The jeans have a distressed feel to them to dress down the shirt a little. The booties are my favorite part of this look because well, they are so fall. This boho Fashionista knew exactly how to accessorize this outfit—she added a contrasting turquoise pop of color in the necklace and rings to show off how bright the colors are in her outfit. The blue really made the red blouse stand out and they complement each other beautifully.

It was essential that she had a light cardigan with her because it was a great layering element for shady areas outside or for when the wind likes to act up. The fact that the sweater was long also added more of a bohemian vibe to this outfit.

Want to wear this outfit doing errands, too? Do it! Add a fringe bag to this outfit and you are all set to go shop around town looking boho-chic.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Bohemian style is definitely a fun, go-to look for me. I always try and save it for this time of the year because it emulates summer and fall—depending on how you wear it, it works for both seasons!”