Leather has come a long way from its punk rock and biker gang associations. Whether it’s faux or from nature, it can add an edge to any article of clothing, for any occasion. A leather boot here, a faux leather-brimmed hat there, from head to toe it’s all in that little leather detail.

I used to think of leather as an unofficial uniform for cowboys and rough riders on their shiny Harley-Davidsons. But the material has managed to make its way into the lives of Fashionista/os all over the country, functioning in any number of styles. It can adapt to fit
preppy, grunge, military, casual and more. This allows you to be an active participant in the trend, while still keeping to your own personal style or adjusting for specific occasions.

Upon closer examination of the trend it becomes clear that faux leather detailing can bring the outfit together and kick it up a notch. This Fashionista chose a tan, suede jacket with faux leather sleeves and lined pockets, paired with faux leather booties. She added a chunky scarf and black jeans to keep with the dark color scheme and the colder weather. This Fashionista believes that comfort is key, which is why the leather detailing works to her advantage.

The faux leather details are not overpowering, but are just enough to add that unique quality to her outfit. It keeps her look casual and comfortable while also functionally allowing her to stay warm. No accessories are needed as the details bring their own texture and sheen to her look. She sports this look in a casual way. But if you decide to try out the trend on your own, it is versatile enough to fit your own personal style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be comfortable, but don’t sacrifice your style. You can have both by adding a piece of clothing with small detailing that’s still comfortable.”