Recognizing my obsession with bohemian style, you might forget that I actually go to school in the South. Well, not exactly. South Florida isn’t really considered the true South, but the influence is still there, and that classy, preppy style is still one I see on a daily basis; I just don’t write about it often.

However, as I finish my sophomore year, I am slowly coming to the very sad conclusion that I cannot wear skimpy shorts and bralettes under see-through tops all my life, and that one day (probably sooner than later) I need to clean up my act and dress like a big girl. So for this article I enlisted a Fashionista who also happens to be the most “preppy” girl I know to show me how it’s done.

Now, normally when I think of preppy, I think of Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren and wearing clothes that make me look like a toddler at a country club Sunday brunch. But this Fashionista sports a more casual, day-to-day look with her preppy style that anyone can take notes from.

First off, the white jeans are a staple for any wardrobe. They look so classy and crisp, unlike your regular old blue jeans, and they’re just as comfy. The baby blue blouse on top makes the perfect pair with the pastel color for springtime. But it’s all about the accessories when you’re going for a more preppy look, and this is where I’m going to really hone in on the “less is more” concept. Where boho Fashionistas might pile on bracelet after bracelet, this preppy Fashionistas tends to wear just a few quality jewelry pieces to remain classy and practical for every day like that gorgeous watch.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You don’t have to go all-out prep; just wear something a little more modest and classy than you might normally wear. You never know who you’re going to run into!”