STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Leather and Color Pops

Tundra has taken over Florida compared to the usual winters spent in T-shirts. It is that time of the year to dig deep into your clothing containers and find the precious leather and cashmeres that winter requires. The wintertime is by far my favorite season, which I believe holds the most potential for groundbreaking fashion. Long trench coats, fur, leather and cashmere make my heart swell.

All around Florida are pops of leather and color greeting this jovial weather. Featured this month is this beautiful Fashionista, all maxed out in black with colorful accents. She wears a black Vero Moda leather jacket featured on ASOS, with a white crop top. Her cutout skinny jeans are accentuated by Steve Madden high socks and a pair of comfortable but stylish booties. Booties are essential in this weather because they can be used universally and still make a statement regardless of the outfit you choose.

For accessories, this Fashionista chose a clutch that ties the entire look together. The clutch is designed by a local Miami stylist by the brand Neon Reef, helps offset the outfit by giving it the pop of color it deserves. Notice the deep red in my Fashionista’s lips, wearing standout lip colors with nude makeup and neutral outfits give a massive kick to your look!

Of course my main target is L-E-A-T-H-E-R! Leather makes all the difference in a neutral outfit. The leather doesn’t have to be fancy, it can range from Forever 21to Saks Fifth Avenue (depending on your parents level of commitment to your bank account). Whichever path you chose this winter, add leather and you are guaranteed a spot on the best dressed list this season.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t sanctify style for the cold! Stay chic with pop of color.”