STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Layering With Leather

Fall is my favorite season because we can layer our clothes and create cute combinations in our outfits. This week’s Fashionista was seen rocking an adorable fall look consisting of leggings, a lace shirt, scarf, riding boots and a leather jacket. She paired a solid cami under her lacy tank top and used a soft colored taupe infinity scarf. Her leather riding boots added a bit of flare to her look with all of the embellishments on them. The main focus I loved with her style was her leather jacket. It completed her ensemble and really caught my eye. Leather jackets are nice this time of year because they are heavy enough to keep you warm but not too much to where you get too hot. The color of her jacket was interesting to me as the greenish color was a great choice for fall and I enjoyed the lace appliques.

Her makeup was neutral and went well with her clothes. You can find leather jackets almost anywhere. They range in cut, color and detailing. If you have an outfit with wild colors and patterns, I would suggest getting a solid color, simple cut jacket. If you want to stand out, I would try finding one with embellishments and interesting color work. I love when the jackets use two toned color patterns. Some have cute fringe, cutouts, and overlays of other types of fabric on them to make them even more fashion forward. I like the ones that have built in hoods too for cooler days. The Buckle and Express have some very cute and affordable leather jackets and vests to complete your fall wardrobe. Macys and Nordstrom will have more upscale and expensive choices. Pairing the jacket with leather boots adds a nice touch and ties the look together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “I like to find jackets to keep me warm when the weather starts to get cooler. Leather is good because you can pair it with any kind of shirt or accessories that you want. My favorite place to shop for fall clothes is Charlotte Russe. They have the cutest boots, scarves and sweaters for cheap prices. I like to do neutral make up in fall, too, rather than bright colors.”