STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Layering vs. Studying

Spring has sprung throughout the Northeast, with temperatures finally in the upper 60’s, although the day may not start out as pleasant. Colder nights lurk as classes start the next day, and it can get chilly in just your spring jumper walking to class.

This Fashionista found the perfect combination between casual and comfortable, yet still stylish. With finals around the corner, college students have less time to care about their looks, with all energy spent on studying for final exams. Leggings are the perfect way to stay comfortably warm throughout the day, as well as the probable late night walks back from the library. Ithaca is known for its random spurts of rain showers and precipitation throughout the days, and cute waterproof booties are always a perfect solution to the potential possibility of wet feet. Soft rayon and cotton blended shirts are some of the softest basic shirts one can purchase, and along with the soft hand, the shirts are great at circulation and have moisture wicking finishes on many garments, which allows for air flow when you get just a tad too warm. Cardigans are both stylish, and convenient when you are at that in-between temperature.

Totes bags are a great way to keep style in your wardrobe, as well as perfect for lugging around study materials. This Fashionista has a gray toned one, a neutral color that matches all outfits.

Jewelry is the perfect way to keep your study outfits interesting, and this Fashionista dons several Alex and Ani bracelets. With hundreds of different designs, any fashionable shopper can find the perfect match for their personality, in gold or silver.

As the weather improves and the hours of sleep plummet in the opposite direction, it is often hard to focus on outfits and how you present yourself. Although all attention should be placed on your studies, wearing a confident and comfortable outfit can not only make you happier, but will place your mind at easy when you have long nights in the library without sleep.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Although it can be difficult, dress to suit all temperatures that spring can bring. Dress comfortably and confidently, and you will feel the same way.