Denim and leather are two staples in fashion. They have been worn together since the 1950’s; It is the classic look of countless movies that became famous in this decade (Grease, anyone?). Both can be found in almost every wardrobe. They are timeless and they will never go out of style. Times may change but denim and leather are here to stay. They are probably the easiest pieces of clothing to throw on, and there are so many ways to take this look from casual to chic.

Our Fashionisto takes a new spin on the classic denim and leather combo in black denim jeans and light wash denim button-down with a leather jacket layered on top. This outfit is chic because it is simple and sleek. Denim on denim is a very popular trend right now. Wearing different color washes of jeans is a great way to keep things interesting. The leather jacket is a classic and goes perfectly over any outfit. It is so easy to dress it up or down. It gives the look a little edge, but the black color makes it chic and somewhat sophisticated.

Since this look is pretty dark, our Fashionisto adds a little color to it with his Gucci Slip-on sneakers. The hummingbird design draws in the blue from the light wash shirt and also adds a pop of red to the look. The shoes are a great way to show individuality and to make the classic look your own. He completes his classic look with black Prada sunglasses because, what’s a leather jacket without some dark sunnies? Finally, he accessorizes further with a black Gucci watch and silver and gold Cartier bracelets. He keeps his accessories simple and sleek like the rest of his look.

Overall, this Fashionisto’s look is classic. It is quality clothing and accessories that will last a lifetime and will never go out of style.

What is your STYLE ADIVCE OF THE WEEK? “I really don’t have a process of how I put my outfits together; It’s more or less on how I feel in the morning and what the occasion may be. My personal style is aimed toward a more minimalistic approach with a few touches that will bring out the outfit more because less is more. My inspiration comes from people; I’m a really extroverted person so I’ve always enjoyed the company of others and admired what they’re wearing. I don’t like to follow trends. Since fashion is an industry that is growing at an extremely rapid pace, what you look at today will be yesterday, what you look at today probably has already changed. Therefore, looking forward and staying true to yourself is key.”