STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keep It Balanced, Keep It Simple

For months and months I debated on even writing a piece featuring a denim jacket, seeing as nowadays most fashion fiends will look to their parents’ hand-me-downs and thrift stores before they would their local mall for their next find. A good vintage denim jacket is as commonplace as the staple plaid shirt. I’ve been waiting for just the right selection of accessories that ideally complement and highlight this piece, and I was fortunate to find this Fashionista just as the weather has been beginning to lighten up! I’m pretty sure there’s not one Kent State student who isn’t overjoyed at the thought of finally being able to walk to class in above freezing temperatures.

This Fashionista chooses accessories that are of neutral colors, and are recommended for every closet, as they allow for easy coordinating on those days when you’re running late for class. A black scarf and brown leather knee-high riding boots are springtime must-haves. Both can be worn with a dress and cardigan as easily as they can with a coat and jeans, serving as faultless transition pieces. As we very well know, Kent isn’t exactly the best at having consistent weather! I’ve always thought that a good, sturdy pair of boots are worth investing in, and ALDO has a longstanding reputation for providing just that. Their Ziawia style boot comes in a classic style that will undoubtedly provide for many years of wear and be the finishing piece for many outfits to come.

A crocheted bag gives off a laid back vibe that’s a perfect invitation for the upcoming warm months, and this smaller, more detailed cross-body from Billabong is great for handling the essentials. Like this Fashionista’s black scarf and boots, this bag can be worn with a plethora of outfits and works equally as well for a date, night out or whatever other occasion calls for a beachy touch.

However, the most captivating accessory of this Fashionista’s outfit were her ring and earrings. The ring is simple, dainty and doesn’t compete with her earrings, but rather serve as an addition. Instead of featuring one larger stone, a miniature center stone surrounded with even smaller stones create a similar impact. Additionally, multiples of these rings can be stacked on one finger for increased intensity, as can be done with this set from American Eagle Outfitters and this set from Madewell.

The simplicity of the ring allowed the earrings to shine. Reminding me of the rich colors and chimes of Bollywood, I found these earrings from Betsey Johnson that remind me of the ones worn by our Fashionista. With a summery bag, festival-ready earrings and a vintage denim jacket with a few stories hidden up its sleeves, it looks like you’re prepped for your next adventure.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “When working with statement pieces, keep your outfit balanced and simple by ensuring that the complementing accessories don’t take the spotlight.”