STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Just Your Everyday Joggers

A new and stylish trend that seems to be staying are joggers! This innovative item is a mix of sweatpants and skinny jeans that can be a perfect everyday causal option for men and even women. This trend has been taking menswear by storm and transformed it to fit a variety styles. It is a great alternative to casual sweats and jeans so you can get comfort and style. And even though us girls have yoga pants and leggings, we can still wear this stylish trend with ease.

The Fashionisto featured, showed his trendy joggers style in a casual look that is perfect for going to class or catching up with friends. His ripped cargo joggers give his outfit a stylish urban edge when paired with the rest of his outfit. He wore it with a plain white T-shirt, a light blue button-down, coral hat, army green jacket and tan Yeezy sneakers. Joggers with the cargo look are available in colors such as plain and with other details like rips or ribbed.

Other jogger styles to include in your wardrobe are jean styled. You may be thinking that they must be just like skinny jeans, but you are mistaken because they have a looser top half and have that elastic hem at the bottom that creates comfort. They also give jeans that sport look. Another style is the sweatpants jogger that has to be the most comfortable! Leave those regular sweats for lounging at home and wear this just as comfy look that gives even your bum days a stylish edge. You can dress it up or dress it down, with sweatshirt or a casual T-shirt. There is also a style much like the sweatpants jogger that is more functional to workout in. These fleece trainer joggers are great for looking good and working out.

And don’t worry girls, most of these joggers are available in women’s styles!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I am a firm believer of looking good, even on your dreariest day. If you have to get up and go, slip on joggers for the comfort and style that will get you through the day looking trendy too.”