Finals week is here, some of us are already back in our hometowns and summer has officially arrived. Ohio decided to skip spring this year and we headed straight into summer. Shorts and tank tops are being pulled from the back of our drawers and dresses can finally be worn with those super cute strappy wedges we got on sale last fall.

This Fashionista is doing summer just right. Her big, floppy hat protects her from the sun and her casual denim romper is a foolproof way to keep cool and still be fashionable. Wide-brimmed hats are all the rage on campus this spring. The perfect hat can make just about any look a touch more sophisticated, even if you just threw it on to cover your third day hair. I was recently introduced to this brand and they’re wool hats are to die for.

I have been searching for the perfect romper for quite some time now. I want it to be casual, but something that I can dress up if I want to. The denim romper that this Fashionista is wearing is definitely one that I would buy. By itself, it’s casual and easy. But with the right jacket (maybe this gorgeous leather one) and some wedges, it could become an entirely different look.

A great romper is hard to find, a lot of them are too short—at least that’s always my problem—or they don’t nip in at the right spot on your waist. When you find a good one, grab it! Find a versatile one and it’ll be worth every penny. You can even pair it with tights in the winter and wear it year round.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Even though it’s super hot out, it’s not that hard to look cute. It’s easy to just throw a romper like this on!”