You have probably at one point in your life been asked to dress business casual for an interview, class presentation or other related event. You have also probably been confused as to what business casual really means. In a society where CEO’s and executives are as likely to wear jeans as they are to wear a suit, it’s becoming more difficult to determine how to interpret professional dress. It can be easy to fall back on a safe (and boring) outfit, but I am here to tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice your style any longer to look professional.

Want to be taken seriously without having your style suffer? This Fashionista has a solution. Take a tip from this chic, young professional by adding pops of color to your look. This Fashionista takes a standard blazer and pant combination and reenergizes it with a bold, graphic T-shirt and punchy accessories. A statement necklace accompanied by an equally statement making T-shirt is super eye-catching but not inappropriate for a class or office setting. Keep the jewelry and T-shirt combination in the same color scheme to make the look classy, not crazy. Closed toed shoes are usually a must but keep them trendy with a chunky heel and metallic details.

Navigating the world of professional dress while still expressing your style can be difficult, however, it is doable! So next time you’re preparing for a big day requiring “business causal” attire avoid blending into a sea of boring beige and gray suits by adding colorful details to stay stylish and sophisticated.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Having to wear a blazer doesn’t have to be BORING! Add pops of color through patterns and chunky necklaces. Always match your jewelry pieces to your wrist watch and never leave the house without your favorite lipstick!”