STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It's the Little Things

It turns out that the ladies are not the only ones who love Justin Bieber’s transformation. Guys are taking notice, as well. Bold pieces like acid-washed jeans paired with long T-shirts and sweatshirts are flying off racks almost as fast as Bieber’s album Purpose flew off shelves. With winter winding down and everyone’s minds on warmer weather and shorter hemlines, outfit inspiration can be hard to come by. What better place to turn to than some our favorite street style celebs?

This Fashionisto translates one of the Bieb’s typical looks to the streets with the help of a little styling. Let’s face it pulling off the look of a 21-year-old millionaire isn’t easy, unless of course, you’re a 21-year-old millionaire. Taking inspiration from a celebrity means daring to try some of their wackier pieces. In fashion, wacky can be brilliant or it can be just plain wacky, and that is where styling becomes important. In this outfit, our Fashionisto highlights his jeans by pairing them with something more subtle on top and classic accessories. Often times acid-washed jeans can come off as harsh or dated, but when paired with the right pieces (i.e. a simple dark sweatshirt and a classic watch), this outfit makes it a little easier to follow the young superstar’s advice and love yourself.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pay attention to the little things. Matching your pants with your shirt is important, but an outfit comes together when you pair the right shoes, hairstyle and accessories with it.”