As a Style Guru, I am a firm believer that a good sense of style is in our genes (well, our genes and our jeans). It may take us a couple years to discover it, but the secret to unlocking our individualistic sense of style is a lot more simple than we think—it starts with our confidence levels and the clothing we already own. Throwing on the first T-shirt you find and a pair of jeans, but still managing to make it look good is somewhat of an art. This art is called “effortless style”—something that a Fashionisto hanging out on PhilaU’s quad one morning was totally owning.

With his burgundy knit beanie and black framed eyeglasses, this Fashionisto created a skater-chic look for himself. He rocked a geometric print crewneck with a coat for an extra layer (it seriously seems as if this cold weather is never going to go away) that complemented each other quite nicely. For shoes, this Fashionisto wore a pair of canvas lace-up sneakers that I felt were overall a great choice for his laid back, skater vibe.

The piece of this Fashionisto’s outfit that really caught my eyes was his denim. Over time, I have noticed that guys tend to struggle with finding a pair of skinny jeans that they are comfortable with on their body type (yes, boys have body type dilemmas too), but it seems as if this Fashionisto knows just how to find the perfect fits for himself. The jeans had a subtle acid wash and were lightly destroyed, which didn’t overpower his entire look.

Jeans with some character to them are the ultimate go-to piece at this time of year when our course workload is the only thing we can manage to think about. It’s easy to just grab a pair of jeans, throw on a simple top and still look like your outfit is totally on point!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear a staple pair of jeans with confidence! Even the most simple outfit has the potential to be stylish, all depending on your attitude and how you feel about your look.”