With summer around the corner, dressing appropriately to combat the rising temperatures is imperative. Yet doing it in style is a task that tests even the most seasoned of trendsetters. This Fashionisto understands what to do.

This Fashionisto’s gray pullover, khaki pants and Johnston & Murphy boots are a classic look, but they’re brought to life by his North Face vest. When worn correctly, a vest can always make a statement. Vests are great because they can be used to make a look more versatile, to make use of personal style and to stay warm, but can be stripped off when needed—do I even need to continue?

Vests come in so many styles and stay true to all that is trendy in fashion right now: long, short, fitted, denim, leather, printed, with or without pockets and so on. What’s great about them is that, depending on their cut and style, they’re actually appropriate for practically any occasion. Styling options with vests seem limitless…dress them up or down, for day or night, work or play. For example, vests are great in an office setting. They’re basically sleeveless blazers and are stylish, chic and professional.

Bottom line is: vests are the perfect style trick to make an outfit less boring. Layering is one of fashion’s biggest blessings. This Fashionisto understands that vests are a basic reminder that some people have extraordinary style. You can be one of those people.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Whatever you do, don’t wear cargo pants.”