Snowing, raining, sunny, then misty—the weather here in Michigan cannot make its mind up. It is safe to expect each day to bring a bipolar twist of outdoor events. Don’t you wish it was past the April showers so we could bring on the May flowers? Well, this Fashionisto shows us how to prep for conquering the outdoors by sporting my all-time favorite: plaid.

These days when I hear the word plaid I think Kendall Jenner or a schoolgirl’s uniform. But back to the basics, this Fashionisto took this classic look and tweaked it by adding vibrant accessories. Here at Michigan State, students will stay around for the summer and explore the many gifts that nature has provided us. From hiking sand dunes to kayaking around Pictures Rocks, this state has a lot to explore. Although it may seem hard to stay fashionable while digging in the dirt, literally, this Fashionisto took his fashion game with him to explore around our 5,200 acres that make us our campus.

This Fashionisto paired his plaid button-up with light wash jeans and hiking shoes. This combination is the perfect outdoors look for exploring our giant campus, hanging out in a hammock by Grand River or cafe hopping during a long day of studying. Having longer hair, the Fashionisto tie back his bangs with a neon bandana to give a vibrant touch to his simple look. I love that he kept this natural look by sporting a neutral toned flannel and his tan Merrell shoes. If this all doesn’t scream outdoorsy, I don’t know what will!

Even though I love to explore what the landscape of Michigan has to offer, I always try to keep an A plus style on camping trips. This week I’m going to test out plaid styled the classic way as I explore the fields and farms here at Michigan State.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sheathed in plaid, I like to embody the spirit of the outdoors. With hiking boots donned, any trail is ready to be conquered.”