Who says a T-shirt can’t be dressed up? While some T-shirts do deserve a spot in your pajama drawer, others deserve to be highlighted in your cute outfits every once in awhile. I think that T-shirts like this Fashionista’s work great with a skirt and heels or with a blazer, jeans and flats.

The first step is to find the right T-shirt that is the perfect balance of comfort and style. One with a cool phrase on it like “Le Tee Blanc” catches the eye and makes a statement. Although this particular shirt is sold out, Sincerely Jules offers many similar ones. Touting phrases and words like “Coucou Coucou” and “Blah Blah Blog,” these signature T-shirts look both chic and effortless whether dressed up or down. Don’t like shirts with words on them? Try one with a fun graphic print! I always love J.Crew T-shirts whether it is a simple floral print or one of their limited edition T-shirts for a good cause like the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust one.

Statement T-shirts are great at making a dressy outfit look a little more casual and hip. In this Fashionista’s case, her trendy shirt gives her feminine look a bit of an edge. This outfit would be perfect for a class presentation, recruitment or an interview where the atmosphere is a little more relaxed but you still want to make a good impression.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I used to be really into bright colors, but I’ve started to gravitate towards more black and white. It makes things so easy in the morning! I love this shirt—it’s so soft and comfy. I want to live in it.”