As the spring fashion shows come to an end, it’s fun to reflect on the styles shown by each designer and experiment with different looks within your own personal style. Colors, patterns and layers are all great elements to play around with, but the one aspect I will be focusing on this spring will be accessories. They can really set your outfit apart and add a unique element to your look.

This Fashionista’s outfit really stood out to me when I spotted her because of her accessories; specifically her hat. Since winter is over and warmth isn’t a major concern the beanie is no longer the only option for a hat. From wide brim hats to fedoras and the classic baseball caps, there are many varieties that can be incorporated into everyone’s personal style.

Finding your style of hat is easy, it is wearing it well that presents a challenge. This Fashionista incorporates this added accessory into her look with ease. Her fedora goes well with her outfit because it is in the same color family as her skirt. Because of this her look comes across as cohesive and put together.

But we can’t forget about the other details in her look. Her red patterned scarf is a great layering piece that provides a pop of color in her neutral color scheme, while her silver mismatched rings are totally unique. Finished off with cute combat boots and tights this look is ready for the fluctuating weather of Ohio while reflecting this Fashionista’s personal style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Since warmer weather is quickly approaching, test out new looks and trends for spring. You’ll get more variety out of your personal style; and don’t forget the accessories!”