Graphic T-shirts have recently appeared more and more on campus. I think they are starting to make a comeback into wardrobes because graphics show a lot about an individual’s personality. Ever wonder how to incorporate graphics into an outfit? Well, this Fashionisto is a great example.

While going to class, this Fashionisto caught my attention with the many colors he was wearing in his outfit. This Fashionisto wore a graphic T-shirt with blue denim pants and a color-blocked Herschel Supply Co. backpack. The graphic T-shirt showed his outgoing personality and the pants illustrated how laid back he was because he opted for blue pants over typical denim. Also, the color-blocked backpack added vibrant colors to his school outfit. The red, blue and yellow contrasted well to make the backpack unique. The backpack is what caught my attention and stood out most in this ensemble.

Some popular brands for graphic T-shirts are Junk Food and tokidoki. Many can be found at retail stores as well, such as Urban Outfitters with the infamous Sriracha graphic or Forever 21. Whatever graphic you are picking, just make sure that it represents your own style. Feel free to even mix prints by pairing a graphic T-shirt and printed bottoms.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to pick clothes that contrast colors or have something unique to the piece that stands out against the crowd. If I am wearing a graphic T-shirt, I’ll make sure that it is the only graphic piece in my outfit or else it just becomes too busy.”