STYLE ADVICE: Get Fuzzy, Stay Cozy

As it transitions into the winter months, it gets harder and harder to get out of my toasty bed in the morning. I find myself snuggling into my comforter and hitting the snooze button an extra time because I just don’t want to brace for the chill. I usually want to grab the warmest thing I own and I end up looking more like a marshmallow than an actual Fashionista. However, I recently found a brilliant option to solve this problem!  A faux fur coat is a great trend of today that allows you to be remain cozy but look cute while wearing it.

I love to photograph this Fashionista for a look because she always pulls an ensemble together so well, every time! The day we shot, it was a pretty chilly day on our Christmas break. We both go to schools where the weather is usually a lot warmer than back home, and we agreed that we were definitely a lot more sensitive to the cold. She said that she grabbed for her black faux fur coat a lot because it was an awesome piece to rock day or night. For her look, she added an awesome scarf that not only added warmth, but it definitely gave the outfit some dimension. It was her main pop of color, and I think that adding in something like that really does an outfit well.

The pieces underneath her fuzzy coat are relatively simple. A gray crop top and a pair of high-waisted black jeans don’t really make an outfit too exciting. This Fashionista did a great job by throwing this coat over top to make the look. She went even a step farther with her scarf, as well as a wrap-around leather choker and an awesome western belt. You can also never go wrong with a pair of black booties in the winter.

Faux coats are available in so many places right now for a variety of prices. I’ve been eyeing this one from Free People for awhile now, and I think it would be such a cool item to have in my closet for a variety of occasions. The color of this one, a maroon, makes it unique. I think whoever brought this trend back into popularity was smart to make us all cozy Fashionistas. Stay warm, my friends!