I have been loving the denim on denim trend and everyone at school has been sporting it (both guys and gals). However, it’s not always a solid denim on denim; rather it’s a material that looks like denim, but feels soft and delicate. The material is called chambray. You might see people have been wearing this material for a while now, and honestly, I love it. I own at least three different styles of chambray and it is a perfect spring outwear. It can easily be replaced by a cardigan for spring and summer.

Chambray is for everyone, in my opinion; however, it has been the guys who have been looking suave in this material. I feel that chambray can give you all sort of different looks, depending on what item you pair with it. For example, if you pair it with a leopard dress and flats, then you achieve a girly look. This item also can make everything you wear look clean and sharp without looking too professional. As much as this item can be for girls, I noticed that guys have predilection for chambray even more so. Whenever I walk around the mall, I notice stores like H&M Men or Zara Men featuring this item on the mannequins, and it is, without a doubt, a popular item within the males’ spectrum.

So when I saw this Fashionisto wearing this chambray collared shirt, I knew he had to be featured on CollegeFashionista. It was a bit chilly and windy today, so I can see why he added this leather jacket as a cover-up. What I like about his outfit was how he was able to add two sets of same color and blend them so well. He chose the right color denim to match his chambray. It is not too dark, yet not too light. It is perfectly in the middle so that it matches his almost washed out bluish-purple shirt. His overall appearance screams fresh, clean and chic.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I don’t have a certain style when I dress. As long as I think that piece looks good on me, then I’ll wear it. Be bold and try to update your wardrobe once in a while to freshen up your look.”