The days leading up to final exams are the days that are filled with hot tempers and even hotter weather. You see so many students walking around campus in sweatpants and T-shirts because they believe that being comfortable is the key to their survival, along with receiving an A on an exam. But why do students sacrifice looking presentable and stylish for comfort? Don’t you get it? You can have both comfort and style!

When I think about final exam week, I think warm weather and wanting to look and feel my best because of the saying, “look good, feel good.” You no longer have to sacrifice your cute clothes that have been neglected for weeks. Just throw on a simple pair of shorts and a cute tank top and you are all set. This Fashionista is already sporting a cute go-to finals look. She is wearing a pair of navy, cotton shorts and a loose floral tank top. She accessorized her look by adding a few silver rings and a brown leather bracelet.

There is no need to go over the top for your finals ensembles, but the better you dress the better you will feel. If you get cold easily in the air conditioned lecture halls, make sure to bring a light spring jacket that will keep you at a nice temperature and ensure a stylish exit from your chemistry class. Make sure to wear colorful prints and patterns to make finals a little less dreary. This Fashionista is making sure she wears bright colors during finals to keep her spirits up during all her studying.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear something that adds a smile to your face when you look at it. Like my shirt, floral patterns always make me feel better. I also like to wear this bracelet my sister got me for good luck.”