It’s that time of year again: bonfires, pumpkin carvings and movies nights with your favorite person. Autumn is in full swing here at SUNY Oneonta and before the harsh winter approaches lets take full advantage of the cool weather. Fall can be kind of tricky to dress for—it’s too cold for shorts but too warm for heavy sweaters. Let’s have this Fashionisto show us the perfect fall look!

This Fashionisto’s style is simple but trendy. His pants are Bullhead from Pacsun. They are comfortable cotton twill chino pants that provide a range of movement that denim jeans don’t. His shirt is a modern button-down that gives a sense of classiness as well as a clean-cut look. You can find a similar shirt at Macy’s. My favorite and most important part of his outfit is the timeless leather jacket. Leather jackets are a fall necessity because they profit warmth without being too heavy. This particular leather jacket provides a rugged look as well as masculine style.

To accessorize his outfit, this Fashionisto wore boots from Jack Threads. They are twill with leather detailing on the toe. These boots were made to endure harsh weather environments—a necessity in upstate New York. Even though it’s not snowing they’re still acceptable to wear because they’re super stylish. He also wore a handcrafted Zebra wood Jord watch. Jord advertises the simple and good life; they try to reflect that in their watches. It was a perfect and simple touch.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Leather jackets are always a good idea.”