Something I love seeing men do with their wardrobes is experiment with prints. I feel like the majority of college-aged men I see stick with solid colors in their wardrobes, but when I see one guy in a printed top my eyes are drawn directly to him.

Today’s Fashionisto instantly stuck out to me with his pale pink and green floral button-up top. A floral print for guys is trending right now, and the style of his top, a short sleeve, cuffed button-down is on trend as well. In the fall 2015 Kenzo menswear show prints were in almost every look including this rad floral watercolor jacket. You can find many similar shirts at Topman including this one.

The rest of his look included black, cuffed chino pants, classic red Vans sneakers and a gold watch. I loved that he wasn’t afraid to mix his pink floral pattern with red shoes. While it isn’t a mix one would normally think of, I think the colors work well together as we are coming into the spring season. When all I saw (and wore) was black during winter, I will take all the color I can get and I loved the way the colors came together in his overall look.

What this Fashionisto is teaching all guys out there is that they can wear floral prints and maintain their manliness. The right cut shirt with a softer color palette and fun print, paired with pants and shoes that juxtapose the top, is a look all Fashionistos should try out this season.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think sticking to one kind style isn’t enough. I love being able to embrace different styles and incorporate different prints and fits to make my wardrobe versatile as possible.”