Crop tops can be very challenging to style. Are they only a night out staple? Are they class appropriate? Those who attend music festivals look incredibly trendy with their crop tops and bohemian vibes. Once the music festival ends, can crop tops be a wardrobe staple along with my nude flats and jeans? When looking at a crop top, there is one main rule: one should always pair a crop top with a high-waisted item. Whether it may be pants or a skirt, the high-waisted silhouette balances the cropped shirt. Visually, it looks imbalanced when crop tops are paired with low rise jeans.

This Fashionista absolutely rocks this crop top. The long sleeved element of the cropped sweater gives off a winter and casual vibe. It is subtle and not attention grabbing. Due to the subtle approach, it is class appropriate. She pairs her cropped sweater with high-waisted denim jeans. Her leather brown boots have an interesting dark stain on the front and back of the boots. It adds a unique touch to the typical brown leather boot. There is a unique leather strap detailing on the back of her boots. To carry any small class essentials, this Fashionista carries a classic messenger bag. A maroon scarf and beaded bracelets spice up her neutral outfit.

As you can see, crop tops can be completely ok to wear during daylight hours. This Fashionista shows us that by incorporating a crop top carefully, it can transform into a gorgeous early spring outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’ve recently been gravitating toward the color, lilac. Whether it’s spring weather approaching, or simply a coincidence, all my recent purchases seem to be that lovely shade of purple.”