May 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

Happy Finals, Fashionista/os! It’s time for cramming, late-night studying and competing with the entire school for a spot in the library. Even though it’s the most stressful time of the semester, finals don’t have to be completely miserable. Keep your head clear and make sure to leave a little time for yourself, Fashionistas/os. Go for a walk; listen to some music, and you’ll be golden. Another way to rock finals is to dress it up. My roommate, a biology major, is constantly saying, “Dress well, test well,” as she pulls out her cutest outfit to go take a massive exam. As odd as it sounds, it really does work. When you’re dressed up and confident in what you are wearing, you are more relaxed and confident in the work that you are producing on the page in front of you. This finals week, give it a try! Put on your cutest spring outfit and own those exams.

I found this Fashionisto headed back to his dorm before a huge test. He excitedly told me about the thought process behind his super trendy spring look. His Urban Outfitters button-down shirt, from afar, looks like an ordinary chambray shirt. After taking a closer look, though, it shows off an intricate blue and white pattern. This small detail makes a huge impact on the outfit overall because it adds an extra bit of texture to his preppy look. Patterned shirts are so trendy right now in the world of men’s fashion right now. There are so many different patterns and styles out there that there is one for every aesthetic. As for what he wears beneath the button-down, this Fashionisto reveals a band T-shirt. He says, “Why not wear a cool graphic T-shirt underneath? Two outfits in one!”

On the bottom, this Fashionisto wears a black pair of Zara cotton trousers. Cotton is the best fabric for spring and summer fashions because of its lightweight quality and easy look. To accessorize, he wears tortoiseshell sunnies, a watch and a pair of tan Vans. He kept the accessories neutral to allow the outfit to stand for itself. The watch, an American Apparel Casio vintage, he says is his favorite part of the look. It helps him keep an eye on the time while taking finals, but also just looks really great as a little vintage twist to the outfit on the whole.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I dress up for myself; I don’t try to impress other people. I go to thrift shops and like to mix-and-match a lot of the time. It’s like a “look good feel good” kind of deal, so that’s why I always like to dress up.”