September 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

From Bob Dylan’s denim on denim in the ’60s, Jane Birkin as the queen of jeans in the ’70s to Justin and Britney’s unforgettable all denim look in 2000, it all collectively comes down to one fact—denim is timeless. Alexa Chung’s successful revivalist advocacy of ’70s denim for this season proves this, as the industry has once again become healthily obsessed with the idea of denim. Denim is classic, it is timeless, yet time-inspired. We’ve seen pictures of our parents in wide leg denim, we’ve seen the bleached jeans, baggy denim, jean jackets, dungarees, patchwork denim and, of course, the skinny jean. Denim not only symbolizes a rich history of timeless, classic American style, but rather it embodies what is coveted in fashion no matter who wears it; it is ambiguous, it is easy and it is iconic.

On the fall runways, denim is everywhere. Designers have dug up inspiration from past decades and recreated an old classic in a trendy new way, such as the coveted denim skirt and flare jeans. The other day I saw this Fashionista wearing one of her favorite vintage denim pieces, a jacket from the early ’90s, paired with her New Balance shoes (a slight touch of utilitarian normcore). I love this outfit because it is not only paying homage to two beloved trends, denim and normcore, but because her relaxed style embodies her personality, as well as her love for comfort. This is a great mix of comfort and modern, urban-inspired style.. She’s one of those individuals who is completely confident in what she wears and, because of this, she exudes original and recognizable style.

A detail I really loved about her outfit are her earrings. They are an iridescent blue and so beautiful, adding another unique and unexpected element to her outfit. Fashion is all about expression of the self, which she does this so well, incorporating key pieces into a comfortable wardrobe of great basics. Wearing all black under her statement denim emphasizes this effortlessly cool style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In the transition from summer to fall, being able to throw on a denim jacket is easy and it goes with literally anything. Whether you would rather spend a little more money on a jacket you can break in yourself, or buy an inexpensive vintage jacket, it is a comfortable, timeless investment piece that will be wearable for many years to come.”