April 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Do not let the media fool you, the denim on denim look is in fact not dead. With some modern flare and the right accessories, this trend can go from totally ’90s to totally chic. Sure, Martha Stewart gave denim a bad rap when she attempted the “jean tuxedo,” but with so many different styles, washes and fits today, there is hope for this blue attire.

When I found this Fashionista, her confidence from wearing this outfit impressed me. As you can tell, this edgy and bold look will catch any eye on the street, in a good way. What girl would not love that? In order to recreate this grungy look with a bit of flair, here are a few tips to consider.

The most important part in having a successful denim look is to make sure that the shades of denim are different. If you choose shades too similar to each other, the denim clashes, making you look not-so-fashionable. Try going with a darker denim on bottom and a lighter denim jacket. When going for the jeans, have fun with the fit and style! Do not be afraid to go with a destroyed jean or something like it with a bit of flare. If you do not like the destroyed look and want something more polished, try a flared jean instead.

What really caught my eye was this Fashionista’s jacket. With the badges and patches on it, it really gives the jacket a more edgy and different take on the typical jean jacket. With a rock-ish vibe and a lighter wash, the denim jacket perfectly complements the jean’s grungy look. To contrast all the edge of the look, instead of going for a typical moto boot, try accessorizing with more girly accents to soften up your outfit. This Fashionista went with a boho fringe heel.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The key to being fashionable is to not being afraid of what you are wearing. Be confident in the trends you are scared to take on, and wear everything with confidence!”