There’s no denying that denim is a wholesome American classic. It embodies that cool, effortless, rock glamour that can be worn just about anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re kickin’ it at the Union Terrace, heading to class or going out with some friends, chances are there’s a high probability that denim is being incorporated into your (or a friend’s) ensemble. Am I right?

When thinking about the history of denim, I’m always astonished at how far this trend-gone-staple has come. It all started with the renowned Levi Brand Jeans and now is incorporated into dressy casual button-down shirts, dress shoes and belts. This timeless piece doesn’t end there! It has even been featured in recent music videos (think: “FourFiveSeconds” by Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney). Talk about vintage versatility!

This Fashionisto reminds us all just how adaptable, traditional and trendy denim truly is throughout his accenting. Beginning with the basics: he shows off a fabulous dressy yet casual denim button-down, which is tasteful in any situation. He then pairs this shirt with casual black pants, which are a great day to night option for busy college students. Due to the notorious Wisconsin weather our Fashionisto opted for a stellar brown faux leather jacket, giving his look a modern edge. The detailing of his jacket also helps to play up his denim shirt and add the perfect amount of interest to this look. I never thought I would say this, but I have fallen in love with denim touches on footwear! Our Fashionisto is ahead of the game in perfecting his look with these shoes for several reasons. The structure of these shoes fit that of regular men’s dress shoes with the Oxford framework, the suede touch and the intricate seaming details. Denim (of course) on the footwear is very friendly, meaning it allows for a dressier shoe to be worn in the most casual of places. The denim against the suede also creates a great amount of contrast, which yields great interest and sophistication in the look. Denim is iconic and continues to be reinvented to suit modern day wear. What do you think of denim?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For men, I believe it is all about keeping it simple and colorful! You may achieve a fashionable simple look by matching your shoes’ color or style with an element on top.”