A few weeks ago in New Jersey, it was feeling like Antarctica and now the weather is finally starting to feel like spring, which the groundhog predicted for a month ago. The weather is starting to feel more delicate and light as ever. Spring is such a summer tease. But in a way, spring is one of the best seasons because sometimes the weather will be a mixture of a bit of a breeze along with the warmth. Which calls for small light jackets. This Fashionista’s look definitely screamed out to me that spring is soon approaching.

Kimono’s are very stylish and are becoming more popular every day. It makes a black top pop. In older terms, kimono in Japanese translated to “something to wear” which meant all types of clothing worn by Japanese culture. Now it is referred to as more traditionally. In today’s fashion, many Fashionistas/os wear kimonos. Many of them come in beautiful patterns with thin but jacket like quality fabric. This Fashionista is seen wearing a floral kimono. This kimono is followed by a black top and light pink pants to match the kimono perfectly.

On her feet she has black flats with a little bow. On her neck she has a dainty necklace and tan bag in her hand. For appearance, she has the normal straight hair look. This leaves her hair behind the scenes and her outfit left to stand out. For makeup she has a bit of white eye shadow and eyeliner. Followed by a beautiful shade of pink matte lips. I love this Fashionista’s outfit for how overall naturally pretty it is. She’s not overdoing it, but would definitely be the talk of a crowd.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Being comfortable is most important in fashion and styling an outfit you love. Not only should you be comfortable in what you wear but you also have to look put together as well. I strive for these things everyday in my outfit choices!”