Crisp, clean and classy to a tee: this Fashionisto knows sharp dressing. Why? Because he has that number one accessory I always talk about: confidence. With spring just arriving, the cool white mixed with a heavier suit jacket sets him up for the transition into spring, and his outfit can be worn on a nice night out or tweaked a little bit to fit a more casual environment.

Dressed in a base of purely white, the contrast of his deep blue jacket trims his figure nicely with one button closed. The brown shoes and belt are perfectly balanced accents, with dark brown as a smarter choice than a lighter color to keep consistent with the dark hue of the jacket. The slightly unbuttoned shirt evens out the rest of the nicely fitting outfit, giving a bit of ease in the midst of such a polished look.

While confidence is the driving force behind this Fashionisto’s looks, he also emphasizes the importance of finding well-fitting, tailored pieces that accentuate the body. The styling is clean and simple with dark brown sunglasses, styled hair and a pocket square. The look is sharp but doesn’t feel like it’s trying to hard, a key sign you know you’ve hit a perfect 10 look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Men shouldn’t be scared of showing their body. [A shirt] buttoned up is too tight, one button undone I’m told I look like Brad Pitt and two buttons undone, I am Brad Pitt. It’s confidence. Just dare. In America, men are too afraid of showing their bodies.”