STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Constructing Pretty

Imagine, along New York City sidewalks, like an old time film reel, the construction men sitting at their posts as they cat call to pretty passer-bys. What would they be wearing? Perhaps clunky, worker boots and tangerine vests. And what about the women? They’d likely be toting their prized, pristine handbags that dangle from designer chains. Two groups of people dressed in drastic opposition but in such close quarters. These two archetypal styles—oversized, masculine minimalism versus polished, pretty-chic—are quite different. And when associated with their assumed, respective wearers, the two are boring and outdone. But when combined, a new look emerges—one I’ve deemed “Constructing Pretty.” Sundresses and heavy platforms, denim overalls and metallic hair ties, this fresh combination is warm weather friendly and ready to heat up the halls.

With hardened, street wear on the bottom and body conscious, chambray pairing up top, this Fashionista balances the two tones, masculine and feminine, exquisitely. She rocks a pair of chunky, heeled lace-ups, exemplifying a way to invite the construction grunge without overwhelming her frame. Keeping with the pretty in “Constructing Pretty,” this style icon dons her quilted, black tote just like the New York ladies in my vision. Its metallic detailing sophisticates her boots with Chanel attitude, a staple element to balancing both characteristics. I particularly loved her hoop earrings. Although by reputation, hoop earrings are a girl’s accessory, their implication, edgy and independent, channel the street vibe just as much as they feminize her outfit. Just the right amount of sass! Together, her pieces embody both spectrums of this quirky, new look and make for an adorable walk to class.

“Pretty Construction” can be done so many ways—this Fashionista’s outfit is simply one of many. That said, it is imperative that one uses the right amount of both masculine and feminine. It is important to restrict the construction influence to one or two pieces. If overdone, the wearer loses body awareness, meaning that the look’s necessary femininity falls to the background. Balance can be achieved by throwing on a floral scarf, changing the laces of your Vans high-tops and even mixing and matching your favorite pearls with skater studs like these.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layer your necklaces to liven up an old boyfriend T-shirt. It makes rolling out of bed before class that much easier.”