The semester is slowly but surely coming to an end for most schools. The end of the semester means study guides, final projects, and of course the dreaded final exams. It is easy to just throw on sweatpants and a T-shirt and just head to class. Don’t let your style suffer due to laziness—you can make a very comfy, casual and fashionable outfit.

This Fashionisto is wearing a very simple and casual outfit that still showcases his sense of readiness and effort. He pairs navy shorts with a light blue long sleeve shirt. The material of the shirt is very comfortable and cool for a hot day in southern Georgia, but still enough to keep warm in a cold classroom. The two blues complement each other by providing a nice contrast.

He accessorizes with a white and black visor that meshes well with his all-white shoes. The all-white of the adidas gives a necessary pop to the outfit and are perfect for the summertime. The pairing of the shoes and visor gives the look a very sporty and chic element. Small accessories can go a very long way in terms of defining an outfit.

This Fashionisto looks well put together while being comfortable and expressing his personal sense of style.

What is you STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always dress comfortably for class. You have to remember, you’re going to be up all day and walking around so you’re going to want to be comfortable. It is possible to look nice and still be comfortable.”