STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Come to the Dark Side

April 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Every once in awhile, certain magazines will make bold claims in gigantic helvetica font on their glossy covers that “pink is the new black,” and so on. We’ve all seen this attempted push to make other colors the new end-all, be-all in the fashion world. Yet, despite their attempts black still ends up on top. Maybe it’s due to the fact that black is a mix of all of the other colors on the spectrum, or it’s simply because there’s nothing quite as chic as rocking an all-black look. Everyone else can have their Pantone color of the year, I’ll stick with wearing black all year long.

If you’re not one for transitioning from the bitter cold of winter to the slightly warmer temperatures of spring by swapping out knits in dark colors for chiffons with bright floral prints, then take your style cues from this Fashionista. She demonstrates that you can stand out in spring with an all-black ensemble, without looking like a member of a coven. Try out an all-black look this spring that will make others wish they thought of ditching their bold prints first.

This Fashionista is fearless, not only does she manage to make an all-black look appear to be a new invention, but she also succeeds in pairing black and blue hues in an expert manner—a feat that is almost impossible to accomplish. She wears a long sleeved laced-up crop top to adjust to the unpredictable weather of early spring days, and adds some extra warmth and style points with a faux fur vest. This combination serves comfort and fashion; pairing a black vest over a black top may seem obvious or second nature, but many Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike find the monochromatic trend intimidating.

When you’ve worn out all of the other options in your closet, a monochromatic look is the way to go. This Fashionista shakes up the monochromatic trend a little bit to fit her personal style, pairing the all-black ensemble with a classic pair of blue jeans. The blue denim stands out, and as a result, does wonders for elongating this Fashionista’s legs. Staying consistent with the all-black theme, she opted for a pair of black suede over-the-knee boots. This Fashionista is a true proponent of why florals are out for spring, and all-black color palettes are in.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’ve always been obsessed with wearing black, it’s my soul vibe. I don’t let seasons or ‘fashion rules’ limit what I wear, I wear what I want to when I want to. Don’t let people or trends keep you from wearing what you want to wear!”