Spring is a time of transition, of renewing and of experimenting. We’re all rushing to clean out our closets to make room for all of our new, colorful on-trend items we’ve been collecting as the weather warmed. Spring is definitely a time to break some rules and go big with your fashion choices. This Fashionisto is clearly partaking in the spring spirit with his bold choice of denim!

Rather neutral everywhere else, this Fashionisto wants to make his mustard yellow-colored denim pop as much as possible. To do this successfully, he paired his skinny jeans with an army green and faux leather bomber jacket and black basketball Nikes. Peeking from under his jacket, this Fashionisto was also sporting a black and white houndstooth T-shirt. The look is simple, yet super powerful. Even the flowers seemed to stand up taller as this suave ensemble would waltz by.

Loving this look as much as I do? Good! Because it’s easy to work into anyone’s wardrobe, male or female. This Fashionisto perfectly balanced his colorful denim with a mostly neutral and subtle finish on top. This is key. If you want to rock some bold color, too, keep this in mind. Start with your colored jeans and add on from there. Since it’s spring and white is super trendy right now, try to add lighter colors to the outfit rather than darker. This will keep your spirits just as high as the rising temperatures!

The only thing this Fashionisto could’ve possibly added to this outfit to make it even greater would be some extra accessories. A scarf that picks up hints of color from your denim is an easy add-on that will go a long way. If you’re not a scarf person, add some colorful accessory (Hint: this is another huge trend right now!). No matter how you accessorize, if you follow this Fashionisto’s style advice, you’ll be on a one way street to Fashionistaville.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Even in spring, black is a great color to accessorize with. I like to wear at least one bold color to make my style pop and stick out from the rest. And don’t be afraid to play around with fun colored jeans!”