The weather is growing colder, but who wants to layer up with sweatshirts? To keep up with the latest trends in fall fashion, change the basic staples in your wardrobe. The ’90s have been making a come back, and with that comes button-downs. What’s the catch? These must be buttoned all the way to the last button. Do not feel “nerdy;” instead, channel your inner chic mantra.

Most men I find are just going out in button-down shirts. The added touch is the sweater, jacket or sports coat that you add to it. This gives it a more personal look, and your color choices can describe and or reflect your own personal style, as well as your mood. Sweaters and jackets are basics and can be found just about anywhere, in any color, fabric and size. This Fashionisto is wearing a sports coat with a cotton blend button-down that peeks out when the jacket is unbuttoned for a more casual feel. A sports coat that will have years of use can be found under Hugo Boss’s line.

Do not skip the accessories. A watch can be the perfect touch. Most men seem to shy away from bracelets, but this is not a feminine item to own. This Fashionisto is showing off some cuff links. Cuff links are not needed for an everyday look, but for a Friday night out on a rooftop restaurant, this would add a unique high end look. For a more work week ready look, add a gold and silver bangle, as well as a cotton bracelet with a watch to accent. They are each very simple items, but have character at the same time. Challenge? Change up your basic accessory stack. A new item just might become top tier among your friends. BV & Co. has a great selection of men’s basic bracelet bands. Not a fan of jewelry? Pick out a tie. A pop of color, a simple skinny black one or a patterned one can make or break an event. Choose your tie according to the event, but do not forget to incorporate some personality as well.

When thinking of this trend, the classic elements also include the skinny pant (but not too skinny). When you are trying to increase the style level of your look, skip the jeans. The “grunge” look is more for casual wear. Pants that are not too tight, but also not too loose are key. This classic look can be flattering no matter your size or body type. The Chino pant is a casual example of this. Featured in the photo are slaks.

To finish off the look, your shoes cannot just be tennis shoes. A more durable look for day wear is to skip the loafer and add the Chelsea boot. This is simple, but when you get a closer look, the detail and suede tie the look together. You can find these everywhere! Try your local mall for H&M, they have a great variety of color. This Fashionisto is taking it up a notch on the fashion scale by wearing a pair of oxford dress shoes. 

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Stay a notch above the other fellas out there. Do not be too flashy, but be willing to take a risk. This will change the way you see casual.”